1. love-dispersion asked: Nice gut man! It looks like you used to weigh more before, is it just more muscle?Looks like you lift heavy, what's your bench? Inspiration, Dude, you really heat up that fuckin' forklift.

    not sure if you are looking at a pic of me or a random one I had posted. I have no pics of me on a forklift.

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  2. a2kdaredevil18 asked: Wow you are super cute :)

     thank you

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  3. ronandray asked: After seeing this BEAUTIFUL batch of pictures I can only hope two things; you live somwhere in the Southests US and you enjoy the company of fat old farts like us.

    I do live in the southeast yes. FL to be exact

    I enjoy the company of good people. Age makes no diff

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  4. xtubegene:

Hotwww.clips4sale.comwww.xtubegene.weebly.com Go Check me Out.

Yes pls



    Go Check me Out.

    Yes pls

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  5. Chachachachillin


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  6. Me and my brother

    Me and my brother

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  7. Just laying around today

    Just laying around today

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  8. I want

    I want

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  9. budacub:

oh my ron


    oh my ron

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  10. Nice view

    Nice view

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